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  • The Ability In Disability Trust

Who We Are

The Ability in Disability Trust (TAD) is a legally registered Organisation for Persons with Disabilities (OPD) operating from the grassroots levels. The Organisation was formed by young man and women with disabilities, with bulk of women with disabilities in the management structures and the board. TAD aims to build and develop the autonomy and ability of the underprivileged and isolated communities of Youths with Disabilities with priority on young girls and women with disabilities by empowering their socio-economic productive.

Our Mission  Statement

Our mission is to address the various health, education, employment, justice and climatic challenges faced by youths with disabilities in rural and urban communities in Zimbabwe 

Description Of Our Work

Disability and Inclusive Labour Programmes

TAD is involved in supporting youths with disabilities to implement small income generation projects such as gardening, upholstery among others. It is planning to come up with new Income Generating Projects of any kind, which are aimed to enhance the lives of young persons with disabilities in the society as a strategy to enable them to meet their special needs and rehabilitation services like buying new artificial limbs, wheelchairs, etc. as currently these youths do not afford to access them. The Idea came after witnessing high numbers of youths with disabilities situated in the Harare CBD who have turned into street leo.

Awareness raisings , advocacy and campaigns initiatives

TAD is also involved in carrying out disability awareness raising activities that are aimed at promoting the inclusion of youths with disabilities in all spheres of development. We are driven by the need to have equal access to disability inclusive transport systems, justice, and health among others. The main objective of projects like this is to empower youths with disabilities using various human rights instruments and policies like the Gender policy, National Youth Policy, United Nation Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities to build their self-esteem so that they can have the confidence to participate well in social and economic activities that can promote their financial independence.

Inclusive Disability and Gender Equality

A Sexual and Gender Based Violence Prevention and Direct Support service Programme: The programme aim is to enhance access to post violence services to girls and women with disabilities victims/survivors of SGBV by providing immediate needs such as health and Pyscho-social support, assist victims to report cases to justice actors, raise awareness on SGBV and harmful cultural practices.

Improving Access to and Quality Delivery of Sexual Reproductive Health to Women with Disabilities via Social Accountability

The overall aim of this initiative is to improve access to and quality delivery of Sexual Reproductive Health via Social Accountability. The purpose is to increase the number of adolescent girls and women with disabilities access to sexual reproductive health services through empowerment of girls and women with disabilities on SRH/ HIV/AIDs as well as work to reduce sexual violence, rape and abuse being perpetuated against women with disabilities during and post period of COVID-19. The project also intends to change the attitudes and behavior of parents, communities and duty bearers like Religious leaders, Government officials and traditional leaders in relation to adolescent girls with disabilities’ right to access sexual reproductive health services and protect them from sexual violence and gender based violence.

Our Partners

Know me for my abilities, not my disabilities

Our mission is to address the various health, education, employment, justice and climatic challenges faced by youths with disabilities in rural and urban communities in Zimbabwe 

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